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Self-Guided Learning

African-centered learning occurs when educators are equipped and students may engage with new opportunities. 
The self-guided learning series offered by ABEN allow educators to
  • Understand how to enhance cultural relevance and meet students where they are
  • Increase understanding of pedagogical best practices
  • Gain tangible tools to utilize in the classroom space
The student-focused series allows students to participate in informative, experiential learning based on virtual tours to Nigeria and Kenya. 
Purchase these experiences as a district or as an individual. Know that each experience will leave you wanting more! 
The self-guided learning offerings are as follows:
Educator focused:
  • The Summer Institute Package
  • The ABEN Virtual Tour Experience
Educator & Student-focused: 
  • For individuals: The Complete Virtual Experience
  • For Districts: 
    • The Complete Virtual Experience for Districts
    • The ABEN Experience for Districts (includes The Complete Virtual Experience & The ASI Curriculum)
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