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ABEN Bookshop hosts titles written by previous speakers, board members, and community members. We hope that these books enrich your life and add to your work to promote African-centered education. 

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WE DID THAT!: Traveling to Ghana During the 2020 Pandemic

June 12, 2021

By Debra Watkins

Edited by Monica Utsey

Introduction by Anthony T. Browder 

This book is for educators and students and for those who yearn to learn more about one country in Africa. During the 2020 pandemic (and in lieu of not being able to travel abroad), A Black Education Network (ABEN) did the next best thing. We created two virtual tours to Ghana, West Africa, so the children could virtually visit the land of their ancestors. Over 200 students and chaperones journeyed with us and it was transformational! Given the wondrous outcome, we decided the experience needed to be documented to make the tours available to all who love to travel and learn. We hope that you will find these pages inspiring and that they ignite a wanderlust for you to visit, either in-person or virtually, Africa!


WE DID THAT!: Traveling to Nigeria During the 2021 Pandemic

May 17, 2022

By Debra Watkins

Edited by Najwa Yasmeen and Naomi Martin

This book is for anyone interested in the African diaspora, and for those who yearn to learn more about one country on the continent of Africa. During the summer of the 2021 pandemic, A Black Education Network (ABEN) continued a tradition it had started the summer before when the organization organized its first virtual tours of Ghana. This time, we headed for Nigeria! The virtual tour was so informative that we decided to give students and their chaperones, who had traveled with us, an opportunity to share their experiences. Enjoy!

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Thoughts Held Hostage: A Black Teacher's Journey of Unlocking Young Minds

June 26, 2016

By Debra Watkins

Follow the journey of an award-winning teacher and social activist of African ancestry who has positively affected the lives of thousands of multicultural students through programs and institutions that she has built. Prospective teachers as well as veterans and others who support students will learn much from this book. As the founder of an award-winning STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) program in the heart of Silicon Valley, the author shares just how she managed to send 100% of her Scholars of African ancestry to college where 90% graduate in four years with BA or BS degrees and 60% of those degrees are in STEM fields. That is about 8 times the national average for Black students. It can be done!