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A Black Education Network

ABEN’s founder, Debra Watkins, is a fantastic fundraiser having raised millions since ABEN’s inception. Debra’s relationship with funders has allowed her to use ABEN as an incubator, thus investing over $50,000 into organizations focused on African-centered education; such organizations being Black Students of California United, Greene Scholars Program, Sankofa Homeschool Collective, and Children of the Sun. Debra’s relationship with funders has also allowed her to contribute to the discussion between philanthropists, non-profits, and Black-led organizations. Some of this work has been highlighted by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). ABEN holds membership within NCRP and lists yearly tax information on GuideStar.


Maximizing Our Effectiveness

While we believe strongly in maximizing operational efficiency, our goal of maximizing our effectiveness is what drives operations. Your generosity will positively impact the lives of Black scholars across the country through innovative and culturally rich resources that enable them to fulfill their true potential in support of their families and to improve the conditions in their communities. Our tomorrow depends on your investment today! 


Program Support

Your investment in program support ensures that we can:

  • Provide innovative instructional materials

    • Enriching curricula like the ASI program

    • Access to educational services

    • Covering the cost of interactive field trips to enhance the program content

    • Preparation for success in the classroom, career, and life 

  • Secure the involvement of accomplished role models

    • Guest instructors who are Black entrepreneurs, technology innovators, software designers, engineers, and researchers

  • Maintain our signature annual Summer Institute and Webinars

    • Accomplished educators, parents, and supporters

    • Amplifying the voices and experiences of the African diaspora

    • Productive discussions to improve pedagogy

  • Cover the essential cost of administrative systems and software

    • Salaries for staff who are also responsible for program operation

    • Volunteer management

    • Parental involvement



Your gift towards the endowment serves as an endorsement of our mission and vision to provide academic and cultural excellence for Black Scholars. It also becomes a permanent source of support for ABEN to ensure the sustainability of our programs.

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