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Capacity Building for
Black-led Organizations (BLOs)

When ABEN was first established in 2001 as the California Alliance of African American Educators (CAAAE), the leaders quickly learned how to successfully navigate the nonprofit sector and began to help build the capacity of other Black-led organizations (BLOs) and entities. 
That aspect of what ABEN does has been accelerated in recent years as we have garnered more and more funds to do our own work. In addition to re-granting, it also teaches board development, the fundraising cycle, grant writing, strategic planning, partnership development, and other skills necessary to build strong organizations.
In fact, ABEN's work has been so successful that it incubated two nonprofits (Dr. Frank S. Greene Scholars Program and Black Students of California United) that are now independently run.
Below are the Black-led entities that it has worked with most recently in some or all of the areas mentioned above:
Sisters in Education Circle (SIEC)
Liberated Minds Homeschool Collective
The Kinsey Collection
Black EdFluencers-United
Children of the Sun 
Sankofa Homeschool Community and Collective
Black Boy Poems
The Unspoken Truths
Ateya Productions, LLC
Additionally, ABEN is engaged with BLO advocacy at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy ( and that organization has published two blogs about our culture-shifting work with the Hewlett Foundation. 
4 Lessons From A Black Education Network’s Partnership With Hewlett Foundation’s Larry Kramer
Published by: Debra Watkins
Date: June 30, 2021
ABEN does not accept unsolicited requests for support.
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