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ASI is a culturally-relevant STEM program for children grades 3-5.
ASI is designed to immerse students in a STEM ecosystem in order to increase their knowledge and interest in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. The program also infuses African and African-American history and culture in order to promote individual and collective work and responsibility. The infusion of history also increases students’ awareness, knowledge, and connection to African and African-American people, places, and things. Character development and academic excellence are fundamental aspects of the program which encourage students to learn accountability and develop behaviors that reinforce personal growth and development.

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Program Elements

ASI includes:
  • STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • A sitewide Science Fair 
  • A sitewide Engineering Competition
  • Character building activities (centered around the 6 pillars of character education)
  • College and Career Preparation (students learn pertinent information that will help them choose a career path and learn different paths for pursuing their career interests) 
  • Golden Moments (an introduction to STEM and Black historical people, places, and things)
  • Nguzo Saba activities (students are introduced to 7 principles that promote individual, familial, and community growth and development)

Product Descriptions
(Handbooks, Student Guides, Workbook)

The ASI Program includes the following deliverables:
  • Curriculum (includes lesson plans, session agendas, and snapshots of student activity sheets)
  • Handbooks (includes a Family Handbook and Science Fair Handbook)
  • Student Worksheets (students are provided with activity sheets that correspond with each monthly session)
  • PowerPoints (PowerPoints are provided which correspond with the monthly sessions and should be used to guide virtual facilitation.) 


What Makes ASI Stand Out?

ASI is the only culturally-relevant STEM curriculum in the world exclusively created for Black students by Black people.

Why Start in 3rd Grade?

...As it turns out, third grade is a pivotal time for students. Research shows that if students are not reading at grade level by third grade, their chances of ever catching up are greatly diminished and they often end up dropping out of school...

What Was It Created In Response To?

ASI was created in response to a dearth of Black students entering STEM fields. Only 7% of black college students earn a bachelor’s degree in STEM-related fields.
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