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Naomi Martin

Program Assistant

ABEN: A Black Education Network


San Jose, California

Naomi Martin

A Bit About Me

Futures in STEM often appear limited to people of certain demographics when really all have the potential for success in STEM. ABEN empowers young Black and Brown scholars to envision their place in STEM, pioneering support methods that every student deserves.

I once met Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura from Star Trek) at my local ComiCon!


Naomi is a first-year college student majoring in Electrical Engineering. She currently attends a local community college and plans to transfer to San José State University. Before she started on her education path, Naomi was an apprentice Electrician in her local IBEW chapter, where she worked in construction for two years. Though she gained some excellent experience with blueprints and labor, Naomi realized that her heart rests with the math and science behind the scenes rather than directly in the field on the job site. In her own life, Naomi works to break barriers and push boundaries as a rising woman of color in STEM and by uplifting the community in her work with ABEN.

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