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Al Herron

Senior Technology & Information Systems Consultant

ABEN: A Black Education Network


Seattle, Washington

Al Herron

A Bit About Me

Black/African-centered work with a particular focus on STEM curriculum & program development. Strong commitment to social justice, culturally relevant and congruent outreach, engagement, enrichment, and education.

I am a former Air Force Brat (dependent). My family is from Bermuda and Alabama, and I grew up in Alaska. I bring the total of these facts and experiences to the table as I pursue my community agenda of advocacy, support services, serial board membership, volunteerism, and education.


Al Herron is a Particle Physicist, Electrical Engineer, Numerical Analysis Specialist, and Serial Entrepreneur currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Management, Strategy, and Innovation. He has spent his career pushing the boundaries of Compact Linear Accelerator Technology, driving new business development opportunities, and working with business owners and entrepreneurs for educational and economic equity in the BIPOC and other under-served communities, with a particular focus on STEM curriculum and program development. Mr. Herron is currently the Executive Director of Stemtac Foundation. He serves on several state-level committees on education policy and the response to COVID19, the Lake Washington School District Equity Team, the Breakfast Group Advisory Board, and the Board for the Black Education Strategy Roundtable.

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