Akosua Lesesne

Founder, Sisters in Education Circle (SIEC) 

Educational Design Leader, Lesesne Legacy Learning Village

Board Chair

ABEN: A Black Education Network


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


A Bit About Me

ABEN puts the most powerful liberatory educational theories into action. Whether it's the Afrocentric praxis of teaching for freedom, culturally responsive teaching, culturally relevant pedagogy, culturally affirming or sustaining pedagogy, cultivating genius, abolitionist teaching, or humanizing pedagogy, ABEN brings these ideas alive and unlocks the highest potential of Black children through such innovative programming. It's thrilling to be connected to this work.

In my spare time, I love learning anything I can about outer space or the oceans.


Akosua Lesesne is an Educational Design Leader. She specializes in developing and
leading the implementation of education leader and instructional coaching, curriculum,
programs, and pedagogy that employ an African American education for liberation
approach to inspire Black learners. Her work leverages the transformative elements of
the Black Teaching Tradition (BTT), a teacher development framework for Black
pedagogical genius she developed. Akosua is the founder of Sisters in Education Circle
(SIEC) and Lesesne Legacy Learning Village LLC. Prior to founding these
organizations, Akosua had fifteen years of experience teaching and district-level leadership in various predominantly Black and Latinx school districts along the East Coast.