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Dr Booker Headshot.png

Dr. Thomishia Booker

Founder of
Hey Carter!

Featured in:

Forbes, Netflix, and The Today Show

Board Member

ABEN: A Black Education Network


Concord, California

Akosua Lesesne

A Bit About Me

Dr. Thomishia Booker is a licensed therapist, author, and educator. She is the founder of Hey Carter! a brand inspired by her son and focused on uplifting Black children, especially Black boys. Her brand has been featured in major outlets such as Forbes, Netflix, and The Today Show. Dr. Booker earned a Master’s in Social Work and a Doctorate in Education Counseling Psychology. She is a licensed therapist and began her career working in early childhood mental health managing 0-5 programs in San Jose where she grew up. She has experience providing mental health services in a variety of settings including schools, private practice, and healthcare. She is a member of the Black Literary Collective (Building Leaders and Activists with Collective Knowledge) a group of Black authors in the Bay Area working to decolonize educational spaces to ensure Black children have access to culturally relevant content and pedagogy. Thomishia is passionate about loving and protecting Black children. 

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